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When you make an inquiry or order via this website, your personal information (including but not limited to your name and email address) will be collected for the purposes below. Personal information is managed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
For details on how we handle personal information obtained via this website, please refer to our separate Privacy Policy.

  1. When you make an inquiry via the website, your personal information will be collected for the purposes below.
    • Inquiries on services, sales information, or partners:
      [Purposes of collecting and using personal information]
      To perform services requested by you and to contact you during the service process; to provide materials and information on our services, events and others; and to conduct internal customer analysis and statistical surveys in our marketing activities.
    • Inquiries on public relations and interviews:
      [Purposes of collecting and using personal information]
      To contact you about public relations and interviews as requested in your inquiry.
    • Other inquires:
      [Purposes of collecting and using personal information]
      To contact you as requested in your inquiry; to contact you or to provide services for other purposes and within other scopes of use separately disclosed by us.
  2. We may entrust the handling of your personal information to a subcontractor. In this case, we will impose a duty of confidentiality on the subcontractor.
  3. You can choose whether to provide us with your personal information, but please note that if the information you provide is incomplete, we may be unable to contact you to respond, or other inconveniences may be caused.
  4. We will respond to any requests for the confirmation, correction, or deletion of your personal information from the web page on which you registered it.


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